Insurance Housing

Disasters Happen, But We're Here To Help!

We'll Provide You a Home Away From Home!

Nations Corporate Housing understands the difficulty that comes with losing your home due to unforeseen circumstances. We work with policy-holders, adjusters, and accommodation searchers to find a furnished apartment that fits within your ALE while still providing you the comfort of home. 

Simply book your furnished apartment directly on our site or fill our our request housing form to have one of our corporate housing specialist reach out to you so we are better able to provide accommodations tailored to your needs! 


What is Insurance Housing?

Insurance Housing is typically used by individuals who are in need of a furnished apartment after an unforeseen circumstance causing their home to be in an unlivable condition. Individuals will typically file a claim with their insurance provider and the adjuster will work with accommodation search companies and corporate housing companies like us to find you a temporary furnished home away from home.

Insurance companies typically use corporate housing providers as an interim housing solution instead of paying for a long term stay in a hotel due to the comfort and home feeling setting that we can provide. 

Insurance Housing With Us

Nations Corporate Housing provides reliable, consistent and worry-free furnished apartments at the lowest prices on the market without sacrificing quality and continuously valuing our clients' needs. 

  • With Nations Corporate Housing, arriving at your furnished apartment feels just like walking through the front door of your own home! All of our corporate apartments are designed to make you feel at home while away from home, just bring your bags and groceries and you're good to go!

  • We work with insurance adjusters, policy holders and accommodation search companies to find policy-holders a comfortable home away from home that fits within the policy-holders ALE.

  • Nations Corporate Housing has a quick booking process allowing the policy-holder to move into their furnished apartment as early as they'd like!

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